MT Team - I want to share some great news and say thanks for all your help making it happen. Our fiscal year just wrapped up, and I'm working on performance reviews. I'd set a goal for myself this year to keep turnover in my 45 person department below 6.2%. We were at 11% the year prior, and that doesn't even include a few folks who transfered to other departments. All of this churn was a real drain on our effectiveness. Not only did we hit our turnover goal, we smashed it: FY2019 turnover was 0%. Zero. Our only leaves were two long-planned retirements (for which we'd been succession planning!) and our summer interns. I have no doubt in my mind that finding Manager Tools and implementing the Trinity at all levels of my team led directly to this result. I found MT in early 2018 because I was a new VP and had a couple of managers who kept losing people. I didn't know how to help them get better. I literally Google "Manager behaviors to impact retention" and found the podcast. I started rolling out the Trinity to my directs in March of 2018. I knew we were on to something when all my directs (directors) implemented O3s themselves, without me telling them to, and then a large number of their directs (mangers) did the same. People wanted to be better managers; they just didn't know how. I attended an EMC in December 2018 with a peer of mine who was interested in helping his team level up as well. Not only did Kate's awesome presentation of the material help me get over the hump w/ my feedback rollout (feedback is so hard at first, and so indispensable once you get it down!), but the high quality of the conference convinced us we should bring MT on site for the managers in our whole IT department. Sarah came to Berry in May of 2019 and absolutely killed it, convincing even some our most skeptical managers to start rolling out the Trinity. Our Trinity roll down is still a work in progress. A lot of our managers are really embracing it. We've got pockets of folks struggling with feedback, and coaching/delegation adoption has been spotty at best (shoring up both of these in our org will be a big focus of mine in FY2020), but the results already speak for themselves. Thank you for everything you do, from the cast & shownotes to the conferences and onsite training. Finding MT has not only been a real game changer for me in my own professional development, but it's absolutely transforming our department and putting us into a higher performance gear than we've ever seen before. Like Mark likes to say, "You're not going to believe this, but we're doing this stuff you teach and it actually works!"

David Walsh