Manager Tools® offers corporate clients the opportunity to buy Licenses for groups of employees. Through Bulk Licenses you can afford your team the benefits of Manager Tools Guidance at a lower investment.

Bulk Individual Personal Licensing


Includes access to the written materials for all of the Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts. All 17+ year's worth of our actionable management advice so people can read in 10-15 minutes what it takes 30-40 minutes to listen to. Getting ahead. Relationships. Managerial and professional effectiveness. Tens of thousands of pages.

First Job Fundamentals

For organizations with a very junior workforce, everything folks need to know and do to effectively start their first professional job. 28 podcasts covering the basic factors for success and pitfalls to avoid. Podcasts designed to address common myths held by young professionals and debunk them.

Interview Creation Tool

This tool helps you analyse the job in advance of interviewing. Answer 64 questions in 30 minutes and print out a 10 page behavioral interview, tailored specifically to the job for which you're hiring (See sample). Tells you what to listen for in a candidate's answer and helps you tell the difference between a good answer and a bad one.

Trinity Roll Out Email Series

The option to receive the Trinity roll out through email for 9 – 10 months during the roll out process (a playbook).


Your workforce can track their progress in Rolling Out the Trinity through a few simple clicks per day on their mobile devices. The tool monitors managerial behavior over time to ensure that managers are communicating and guiding their team to get results. Access to an enterprise level portal helps your organization achieve greatness by tracking each team's progress. Measure, through data, your organization's behavioral actions.

Effective Feedback Examples

Many organizations struggle at performance management and what's required is more Feedback. In this two part, hour-long-total pair of videos and audio, Mark talks through the feedback model, and provides nine scenarios. For each scenario, he gives an example of both effective and ineffective use of the feedback model. And at the end there's the opportunity for users to practice.

Bulk Purchasing of Manager Tools Online Video Training

  • We offer online video training course versions of our three standard full day trainings: Effective Manager, Effective Communicator & Effective Interviewer
  • The online video courses can be completed at one's own pace. Modularized blocks of training for easy assimilation of guidance. Quizzes to determine understanding. Printed material relevant to the content
  • Perfect for when timing for training or budget precludes your organization from bringing us on-site or your team attending a public conference
  • Easy user activation and one invoice for bulk purchases
  • $350 for a 2 year user license

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Enterprise Access For Organizations

Enterprise Access supports an organization-wide effort to roll-out the Manager Tools Trinity. All of the folks in your organization will be afforded RoadMap as a tool for Rolling Out the Trinity, and you will be able to monitor the health of this activity through our Enterprise Portal. In addition, each member of the group will receive the license benefits listed below. Learn more by visiting our Enterprise Access page.