Manager Tools offers corporate clients the opportunity to buy Licenses for groups of employees. We offer multiple solutions for your organization's training needs through several options of a Bulk License Purchase. Why? To replace our training opportunities (at a lower rate) or to supplement employee development.

Bulk Individual Annual Personal License - What's included?

RoadMap & Other Personal License Benefits

  • Licensees will have access to RoadMap functionality on our App. RoadMap offers:
    • Continuous learning and ongoing support of the Trinity Roll Out through implementation
    • Reminders of actions - depicting what’s done and what needs actioning
    • Access to podcasts and printed material of applicable Manager Tools Trinity™ guidance
    • Graphing of their individual manager behaviors as well as those of their Directs (One On Ones & Feedback)
    • $200 per Licensee per year for the RoadMap capability as well as the benefits listed below:

Trinity Roll Out Email Series

For organizations who still like email, the old fashion option of receiving the Trinity roll out through email for 9 – 10 months during the roll out process (a playbook).

Interview Creation Tool

An online tool to create custom interviews for every position in the organization. (See sample)

Current Shownotes

This year's Manager Tools podcasts in writing. Read in 10-15 minutes what it takes 30-40 minutes to listen to. Searchable.

The Archive

All 12+ previous year's shownotes. All of our actionable management advice. Getting ahead. Relationships. Managerial and professional effectiveness. Tens of thousands of pages.


Mark's weekly email to Licensees only on his views of the professional world. Our #1 read publication.

Affordable Pricing

$200 per licensee per year.

Bulk Purchasing of Manager Tools Online Video Training

  • We offer online video training course versions of our three standard full day trainings: Effective Manager, Effective Communicator & Effective Interviewer
  • The online video courses can be completed at one's own pace. Modularized blocks of training for easy assimilation of guidance. Quizzes to determine understanding. Printed material relevant to the content
  • Perfect for when timing for training or budget precludes your organization from bringing us on-site or your team attending a public conference
  • Easy user activation and one invoice for bulk purchases
  • $350 for a 2 year user license
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