Virtual delivery over Zoom of the Manager Tools® Effective Communicator guidance. DISC overview, communication behaviors and email will be presented. Every attendee will receive a DISC Behavioral Assessment prior to the training.


A 4.5 hour live Zoom session for up to 30 attendees. Questions and interaction encouraged throughout. Practice will be provided in the virtual session, as well through video Effective Communicator online practice scenarios allowing attendees to send in practice snippets for MT evaluation and feedback.


One 4.5 hour session scheduled at your convenience. Video practice afterward allows individuals to practice at their own pace by submitting their work to the Manager Tools® team for feedback.

Post Training Support

Each attendee will receive access, for 90-days, to a previously recorded Virtual Effective Communicator training. This allows for those who'd like a recap of the content to have one.

Attendees will be encouraged to send in their own practice videos to the Manager Tools® team for evaluation and feedback. This access and opportunity never expires, we will provide post-training support to reinforce the concepts.


Because communication is what the listener does. To be most effective, we need to communicate in a way that makes the most sense to the other person. That's why we use DISC.