Remote delivery of the Manager Tools Trinity™ content: One on Ones, Feedback and Delegation, with practice. Every attendee will be given access to RoadMap, and a version of the Manager Tools® Personal License. This access includes shownotes for the Manager Tools® and Career Tools® casts, access to our Interview Creation Tool, Effective Feedback practice examples and much more.


Three Zoom sessions for up to 30 attendees. Live presentation with opportunity for questions throughout. Practice for each attendee on the concepts of Feedback and Delegation. We can also arrange for real time, two-way interpretation to the language/s of your choosing, contact us to learn more!


3 virtual sessions, ranging in length (from 1.5 to 2.5 hours), consisting of both content and practice. We will work with your schedule to host the sessions over days-weeks at your convenience.

Post Training Support

Each attendee will receive access, for 90-days, to previously recorded One on Ones, Feedback, and Delegation videos. This allows for those who missed any session to catch up, and those who'd like a recap of the content to have one.

RoadMap will be provided through the MT mobile app or on attendees' desktop. RoadMap is an interactive tool to support Trinity Roll Out and measure adoption of the learned behaviors.

Attendees also receive a 1-year subscription to the Manager Tools Personal License. This License includes access to the shownotes for all of the Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts, access to our Interview Creation Tool, Effective Feedback practice and so much more.

And organizations can monitor the health of their investment through measurement with our Enterprise Data portal, a video of which is shown below.


The Virtual Effective Manager Training delivers a standard managerial process that increases communication and improves relationships. More and better communication is what's needed. These sessions teach managers how, and in the language of their choosing!

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