Communicating is something we all do every day. By improving our communication, we can improve our effectiveness exponentially. Even in different communication modes - face-to-face, in writing, in a presentation, you can use the same tools to increase your chance of success. Now you can learn and practice those improvements at your own desk, in your own time, starting right now.

What You'll Learn

This course will teach you how to observe someone's behavior and be more effective in your interaction with them. We'll teach you how different people use different facial expressions, body language, choice of words, tone, speed of speech to name a few. We'll teach you what this means and to speak and write differently with people who communicate differently to you. We'll give you the words to chose, the structure and the grammar to help you modify to make the emails you write more effective.

What's Included


Over 60 videos with accompanying text and quizzes to help you cement the learning. You'll learn what to look for, and how to react to what you see. Play a sample below.


The most successful part of our conferences is the practice. We've included multiple opportunities for you to practice every skill, just like you would at the conference. You can even video yourself, send it to us, and we'll give you feedback.


We'll answer any and all questions you have. We'll also be sending you a series of emails once you've bought the course to help you integrate your learnings into your daily life.

Start Now

Everything you need to get started will be available immediately. You'll be able to start communicating more effectively within a couple of hours.

Sample Video

Don't waste any more time miscommunicating and misunderstanding. Communicate with clarity. Begin today.