Additionally I wanted to thank you and to tell you that you reach extremely far in the wilds of the world. I heard about your podcast and web presence when I was a country director for a small, but amazingly effective, Danish NGO in Tajikistan, approximately 7 years ago. At that time I was managing 5 offices, including one in Afghanistan. My British boss working in Brussels, who was so non military, told me that you guys were great, even if were both ex-military. When your boss suggests something, you know you should at least look and I was equally impressed. I've since credited you with helping me land my newest job in Kiev, Ukraine, as I bought a license to access your Interview Series. My now new bosses joked that I was so enthusiastic, which came across a non-video Skype interview, and that certainly help me land the job! Your series reminded me that it was my job to be the one they wanted and the series helped prepare me and have more confidence throughout the process. Of course the fact that I really am a cheerful optimistic American also helped!

Barbara James