By day I am an insurance adjuster, but one of the highlights of my life is serving as a Junior Achievement volunteer and student mentor for the last 10 years, teaching financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work-readiness to students K-12. When I meet to mentor students, typically teens ages 15-19, my goal is to help them get plugged into a community of professionals and help them identify opportunities for career and personal growth. This could be helping a young person apply for their first job, or identifying volunteer opportunities that can help them develop their skills. A couple of years ago my husband starting using the Manager Tools app, and we would talk about it. I started listening to podcasts and have found valuable tools that I have been able to integrate in the classroom setting, as well as one-on-one meetings. One example of this is the resume building podcast series. I have been able to simply break down the resume building into specific parts and have examples for the students. I also created a letter of interest as suggested on the podcasts to give the students ideas on how to create one on their own. ONE page only, of course! They have specific steps to build a solid resume and cover letter/letter of interest. I feel like I can streamline the process by using your methodology and simplifying the exciting (and sometimes daunting) process of sitting down, evaluating yourself, and putting it on paper in a concise, professional form. I just wrapped up a meeting with a 19-year-old young man from my church who is a recent high school graduate. I went through the steps with him today and he will have a draft of his resume to me by Monday evening. It's truly exciting to be a part of helping these young professionally grow. I could go on and on about the difference Manager Tools has made in my husband's career as an IT Manager for a large regional bank, and in my own career in insurance, but what I hope you glean from this email is that you are helping a lot of young people in Tulsa, OK as well. Thank you for your passion and focused energy on helping me (and my husband) professionally grow. You have made a difference in more lives than you know.

Paige Underwood