Mark Horstman has captured one of the great opportunity areas in any organization. Much is said about upgrading teams but few people focus enough on hiring. We strive to beat a low barrier of statistical success in recruiting (but rarely check our own success) and believe we are excellent interviewers. Horstman’s book which has a conversational format contains detailed steps to make the hiring process significantly more effective. Individually these steps seem like common sense but as Mark Twain said the thing about common sense is that it is not very common. So most of us need a plan. In this case, it is the system that makes the difference. The real value in the book is that Mark not only gives you the steps to take but explains why they are needed and provides the evidence that they work. Plus he really pushes you to track your progress. If you are seriously committed to increasing the effectiveness of your hiring (and your organization) don’t miss this book!

William J White Professor, Author and Business Executive.