When things are very difficult for businesses such as the pandemic situation we are in, it becomes even more important for leaders, not just managers, but leaders to step up and reassure their employees, reaffirm the vision of where their company is heading, and then reemphasize the importance that all employees engage in completing their part of the plan put forward so the company can survive. Leaders in these situations must build upon the foundation of their experience and knowledge they have established. That building comes from the skills you develop from such resources as Manager Tools. Many people become worried based upon the news reports and such. Such people will gravitate to leaders who are encouraging, confident and have a positive vision. Your membership all have a question to ask themselves, what type of leader am I? Will I encourage my team to buckle down and work hard to navigate their operation through the storm with the understanding that the storm is temporary; or, will I convey that I don’t what to do and that everyone should hunker down, drift in the storm and hope for the best? As you can tell, I’m an optimist. I’m the type of person that would go after Moby Dick in a row boat and take the tarter sauce with me. Thank you to you and the whole team at Manager Tools. Your information and programs are very important for all of us to enhance our skills so that we can see our employees accomplish more than they thought possible.

Andy Shiles