What is it?

This Effective Communicator Conference includes content, practice and a DiSC assessment for each attendee. The DiSC assessment is provided upon registration. This is followed by one, 4 hour, virtual session where we'll discuss the various styles and their communication behaviors. Following the session each attendee will practice by way of video submission so that their presenter can review and comment on their work.

From Mark Horstman, Co-founder:

"You don't realise how much your communication style is a deeply ingrained habit. 75% of the time at work your natural style actually gets in your way. We're going to teach you to see other styles and change your own. You'll be amazed at how well it works. This is the most important thing I ever learned in my professional life."

Investment: $450

Includes one, 4-hour session, delivered virtually over Zoom. Attendees will practice by way of video submission. Each attendee will receive a DISC profile for identifying their individual communication style.

What To Tell Your Boss

Download, print or forward this datasheet to assist you in getting budget approval for the conference registration fee.

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Our ability to identify the 4 different styles will go a long way to improve our communication at work.

      Read more...Antonio Briceno

Fantastic event filled day- great information and excellent presentation.

      Read more...Paul Perrin

The role playing was great, really helped in focusing on behaviors of DiSC.

      Read more...Chris Riley