This cast describes behaviors for managers to engage in to ensure that they deliver feedback ethically and professionally.

Mark recently had an experience that was somewhat chilling for him. He was talking to a manager who wanted to show him how good he was at improving. This was a High D, forceful manager who described himself as "a recovering jerk".

He was following the Manager Tools Feedback Model, but wasn't getting results? Why is that? Because he was violating the purpose of feedback, to encourage effective behavior. Feedback that meets the purpose of feedback must come from a positive place, from emotions of love and not fear, of respect and not intimidation.

We have a series of recommendations for all of us to do before we give feedback, so that we all stay mindful of WHY we're giving feedback, and what its purpose is: to encourage effective behavior.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I need to have in mind when I give feedback?
  • Why do we give feedback?
  • How do I make feedback most effective?

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