The Effective Hiring Manager

How to hire, from opening through start date. Hardcover, digital book and future audiobook format, read by Mark. How to interview and hire, in actionable Manager Tools® style. (Download sample here.)

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What's In It

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When to Hire

Effective Managers DON’T hire immediately necessarily. The smart move is to evaluate productivity and workloads. Hiring shouldn’t be knee-jerk fast.

How To Create Questions

Great hiring starts with analytical thinking about the role and behaviors required for success in it. We’ll tell you how to think it through, and how to write the questions you’ll ask.

How to Decide

The reason we interview is to make effective hiring decisions. Learn how to decide whether to offer or not, and teach your team how to interview and hire, too.

How to Make an Offer

Learn all the components of an effective offer and how to make one that increases your chances of an acceptance.

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Principles Chapter 1 The First Principle of Effective Hiring - Don't Hire
Chapter 2 The Second Principle of Effective Hiring - Set Your Bar High
Chapter 3 The First Principle of Effective Interviewing - Say No
Section 2 - Preparation Chapter 4 Behavioral Interviewing and Preparing Your Hiring Criteria
Chapter 5 Creating Behavioral Interview Questions
Chapter 6 Behavioral Interview Question Examples
Section 3 - Screening Chapter 7 Screening Resumes
Chapter 8 Screening Social Media
Chapter 9 Conducting Phone Screens
Chapter 10 Having Human Resources Conduct Phone Screens
Section 4 - Conducting Interviews Chapter 11 Video and Telephone Interviews
Chapter 12 Effective Final Interview Process
Chapter 13 Physical Interview Set Up
Chapter 14 No Panel Interviews
Chapter 15 How to Conduct Technical Interviews
Chapter 16 Each Interviewer Uses the Same Set of Questions
Chapter 17 The Basic Structure of Each Interview
Chapter 18 How to Take Notes
Chapter 19 How to Probe Behavioral Interview Answers
Section 5 - Deciding And Offering Chapter 20 Interview Results Capture Meeting (ICRM)
Chapter 21 How to Check References
Chapter 22 How to Offer
Chapter 23 How to Decline
Chapter 24 How to Handle Two Viable Candidates
Section 6 - Onboarding Chapter 25 Onboarding New Hires