MTDISC™ Profile

Learn your strengths and weaknesses in 20 minutes. How to handle your boss and your directs when they're different from you.

Simpler: Our old DISC had numbers that confused many. No more numbers. Just DISC explained and explored.

Smarter: Your strengths and weaknesses in detail, in language you can understand. No theories, no psychobabble, just behavioral details. Then we'll compare your behavior to every other major profile.

Cheaper: We cut the price to $30. Everybody should be able to afford it.

I always though I was probably a High D or a High C - so much of both of those profiles "fit" me. I was not surprised to find I'm a High D/High C. A perfectionist who loves a plan and wants people to cut to the chase and make a decision, already! Thanks for making it easy and affordable!

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