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How To Handle Your Boss And Your Directs?

Learn To Communicate Effectively With DISC

A Manager Tools DISC profile gives you the secrets of effective communication. Gain valuable insights into your own communication style and learn how to adapt to others, leading to improved relationships, increased results, and greater success in both personal and professional settings.

  • Gain self-awareness: Understand your own communication style and how it impacts your interactions with others.
  • Receive tailored guidance on adapting your style for better collaboration.
  • Work more productively with your peers by understanding and leveraging unique strengths.

Answer 32 questions in 20 minutes and you will receive a report containing:

  • A detailed description of your own profile.
  • Descriptions of the other profiles so you can identify them.
  • Details on how to work and communicate more effectively with each of them.

Five minutes later, you can be putting it in to practice.

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MTDISC: Your Direct Is An I

Why leave behavioral insights to chance? Equip yourself with a tool that offers clarity, empowerment, and actionable strategies.

Just $30 and 20 minutes could change the trajectory of your career.

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"The MT DISC and guidance on identifying other types had been a game changer for me in working with colleagues of differing styles and I've recommended it to multiple managers in my company."Hannah Rogers

"This DISC tool is the best I've used. The output is full of direct and practical guidance on how to behave given your own profile and each of the other profiles you may encounter in a boss or direct. Incredible product and service Manager Tools Team. After 17 years you continue to exceed expectations and deliver on your mission! Thank you!"GR Regas, VP, Manufacturing Industry