Executive Tools™ Podcast

For years we have been planning on delivering our Executive Tools™ casts. Now they're here, and available only to Licensees.

It is a biweekly podcast in the Manager Tools® style focused on how to be an Effective Executive.

Topics to be discussed in the next two years: Executive Reset, Session C, Talent Supply Chain Management, Executive Culture Matrix, Organization Tools, Mission & Role of an Executive, Executive Relationships, Compromise and Politics.

June 2021 License Upgrade

The changes we made in 2020 to strengthen Licenses (in light of the pandemic), we have made permanent.

If you already have a License, you now have access to the Interview Series, the Resume Workbook and First Job Fundamentals (for free). It is our intention that our Licenses will always include these components.

What's Included

The Interviewing Series

Every detail of how to be interviewed and get offers. Resumes, attire, answer preparation, practice videos. Nearly 100 podcasts and shownotes (approximately 500 pages).

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Effective Feedback

2 hour long segments, in audio and video, with nine feedback scenarios with examples of both effective and ineffective use of the feedback model. At the end there's a chance for you to practice.

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Resume Workbook

70 pages of detailed guidance for every aspect of your resume. Examples, unusual situations, and the ability to ask questions of us.

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First Job Fundamentals

13 podcasts covering your critical first steps in your career. Your university/college experience didn't teach you, we promise. Plus additional casts and common myths and misperceptions.

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What's Still Included


This tool will help you learn, roll out and track your progress though the steps of the Manager Tools Trinity™. Everything you need to be a great manager is included in the app.


Email support from Kate, Sarah and Wendii within 48 hours. If you're facing the problem, we've answered the question before.

Written Materials

  • Access to the shownotes for Executive Tools™, Manager Tools® and Career Tools®.
  • Download a sample of the shownotes to see the value of your License.

Interview Creation Tool

Answer 64 questions in 30 minutes and print out a 10 page interview, tailored specifically for the job for which you're hiring.

The Archive

All the previous years shownotes. All of our actionable management advice. Getting ahead. Transitions. Thousands of pages.

Things We Think We Think

Each week read Kate and Sarah's thoughts on the world around us. Mostly business and professional musings with a lens on our work and community.

I have concluded that more than anything else, applying your guidance over the last five years has helped me become the manager I am today. I thank you for this and hope you take a minute to read through and understand the profound impact you've had on me personally and my global organization of 220 people.

Luke VanDongen

Following the advice and common sense that Manager Tools advocates has made me a more effective manager; which has helped me build my management team and make our company a better place to work. In short, Manager Tools has improved the quality of work life for all employees at my company. Thanks MT.

Joe Grigsby

My daughter applied for CEMS, a highly selective international business program for Masters students. First up was a presentation at 7:30am in the morning to the group of selectors plus the other five applicants. Her take on the brief was different to the others and she felt flustered and didn’t present very well. She was sitting there stewing over it in her mind as the next guy presented and feeling pretty down. Then she said the Manager Tools quote came into her head “it’s not the first mistake that loses it, it’s the second and third”. She focussed hard on the group case study which she did well then the personal interview that she nailed. Last week she found out she had been selected. Thank you again for your essential advice.

Simon Flowers