Unlock Your Professional Potential with the Manager Tools Personal License

Enhance your professional journey with the Manager Tools Personal License, the ultimate toolkit for ambitious professionals. Now featuring ChatMT, your AI-powered mentor.

What's Included in Your Personal License:

  • For Individual Contributors: Access to actionable insights, guidance for career success, and dedicated email support.
  • For Managers: Comprehensive resources for every managerial scenario, including weekly one on ones and performance reviews.
  • For Executives: Exclusive podcasts and shownotes designed for executive leadership development.

Special Feature: ChatMT

Instant guidance on management, careers, and executive challenges with ChatMT, the ONLY AI assistant trained exclusively on Manager Tools’ content.

Specific Benefits For Individual Contributors

  • Career Tools Podcast Shownotes: your actionable insights at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere through our app or on your desktop.
  • Interview Series: obtain the job of your dreams with comprehensive guidance on every aspect of interviewing, from preparation to follow-up.
  • First Job Fundamentals: navigate your early career with confidence. Gain invaluable insights into success factors and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Resume Workbook: create a resume that meets the needs of hiring managers and recruiters with our step-by-step guide.
  • Support: dedicated email support; you'll receive prompt assistance and guidance within 48 hours.

Specific Benefits For Managers

  • Manager Tools Podcast Shownotes: access a comprehensive resource for every managerial scenario, from tackling tricky questions like body odor to navigating significant topics like change management.
  • Interview Creation Tool: use the tool to obtain custom interview questions for your role, receive guidance on evaluating candidate responses, and make confident hiring decisions. Streamline the entire process and set yourself up for success.
  • RoadMap: get app-delivered guidance on implementing the Manager Tools Trinity. You'll receive clear instructions, timely reminders, and the ability to track your progress. Stay on course and achieve your management goals (almost) effortlessly.
  • Effective Feedback: feedback is the tool that most people worry about, but want to use often. With this course, you'll enhance your feedback skills, making you a better manager, and your directs will appreciate you even more.

Specific Benefits for Executives

  • Executive Tools Podcasts: exclusive to Licensees, these casts are designed for ambitious professionals who are eager to learn and grow in their careers. Whether you are a manager looking to transition into an executive role or an executive seeking to refine your leadership abilities, these casts provide valuable insights and guidance to help you succeed.
  • Executive Tools Shownotes: not just a transcript, our shownotes are specifically written to be read; as an efficient way to absorb the essential information without sacrificing the essential depth and detail.


  • How is a Personal License different from the podcasts? A Personal License gives you access to much more than our free podcasts. As well as being able to read the shownotes for a quick reminder, you get access to the Resume Workbook, The Interview Series, First Job Fundamentals, Effective Relationships, RoadMap, Effective Feedback, and the Interview Creation Tool, a total value of over $600.
  • I'm not sure where to start, can you help me? Yes! For Young Professionals, start with First Job Fundamentals. Changing jobs, start with the Interview Series. New manager, start with the Trinity. If you're in another situation and need a personalized plan, just email us.
  • I have more questions, please can I talk to someone? Of course, right here.
  • Does this subscription renew automatically? Yes, this is a recurring payment, and will be recharged to the same payment method monthly or yearly, depending on the payment method you choose.
  • Can I cancel my subscription easily? Of course. Once you have a License, just go to your "My Account" page, linked from any page at Manager Tools, choose "My Licenses" and choose cancel. It's as easy as that.

Success Stories

I have concluded that more than anything else, applying your guidance over the last five years has helped me become the manager I am today. I thank you for this and hope you take a minute to read through and understand the profound impact you've had on me personally and my global organization of 220 people.

Luke VanDongen

Following the advice and common sense that Manager Tools advocates has made me a more effective manager; which has helped me build my management team and make our company a better place to work. In short, Manager Tools has improved the quality of work life for all employees at my company. Thanks MT.

Joe Grigsby

My daughter applied for CEMS, a highly selective international business program for Masters students. First up was a presentation at 7:30am in the morning to the group of selectors plus the other five applicants. Her take on the brief was different to the others and she felt flustered and didn’t present very well. She was sitting there stewing over it in her mind as the next guy presented and feeling pretty down. Then she said the Manager Tools quote came into her head “it’s not the first mistake that loses it, it’s the second and third”. She focussed hard on the group case study which she did well then the personal interview that she nailed. Last week she found out she had been selected. Thank you again for your essential advice.

Simon Flowers