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How to manage during the international outbreak. How to manage your people remotely. How to handle company finances, and your own at home. How to prepare for layoffs.

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All of our guidance on One On Ones, the most powerful Manager Tool.  Why to do them, what happens in them, how to start them, and how to address issues and problems.  It’s all about people, and more communication is better.

How to communicate about performance with your team in less than 15 seconds using the Manager Tools® Feedback Model.  What to say, how to say it, when to say it, and many examples.  Plus, how to deal with resistance and concerns.  You owe your people clarity about how they’re doing.

How to help your direct develop themselves in a specific skill or ability.  Everything from how to start to multiple examples of how to set goals and follow through.  Coaching isn’t just for poor performers.   You can coach each of your directs in their One-On-Ones in 5 minutes a week.

How to choose what to delegate, how to have the conversation,  whom to delegate to, why to do it, how to handle different situations, and examples.  If you’re “too busy” it’s probably because you’re not delegating enough.

All of our guidance on how to interview and hire.  How to screen resumes, phone interview, plan an interviewing day, conduct interviews, create and ask questions, and make decisions.  Hiring is the most important long-term contribution a manager makes to her organization.

All of the podcasts referred to in The Effective Manager book.

Our career fundamentals: what you need to do to achieve results and create and maintain relationships – the cornerstones of modern career management.

What to do and how to do it for new managers.  How to start rolling out the Manager Tools Trinity™, how to conduct meetings, how to start in a new role.  It doesn't have to be that hard if you do some basic things diligently.

Beyond the Manager Tools Trinity™.  Communications. Can you be friends with your directs?  Results and Retention.  Many of these casts are in our Hall of Fame.

How to manage projects, focusing on the basic principles: Who Does What By When.  If you’re managing a project, you don’t have managerial role power, but you don’t need it.

How to understand politics, how to build strong relationships, how to present your ideas, and how to get your ideas approved.  Don’t “play” politics: build strong relationships so you don’t have to.

How to present to small, medium and large audiences.  How to prepare, how to answer questions, where to stand, how to gesture.  Presentations matter in career development.