It's The Trinity in Your Pocket™.

Whether you are an individual manager or an organization ready to engage in effective managerial behaviors, this is YOUR solution to digitally and quickly learn what to do and measure your progress in doing it.

What's included?

  • App-delivered guidance to rolling out the Manager Tools Trinity™
  • Track Trinity Roll Out progress with a few simple clicks per day
  • Timely reminders of what to do, scheduling, invites, emails, etc.
  • In-app graphs showing managerial performance
  • Track managerial behavior remotely for geographically dispersed workforces
  • Organizational views of your directs' managerial behaviors though online dashboard
  • Online dashboard view of personal and team Trinity progress
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This Is RoadMap

No two managers are the same. No two teams are the same. RoadMap is personalized for you and your team, and available on your smart device (iOS or Android). See team progress of Trinity Rollout and track personal daily progress.


Great managers act differently. You'll get regular notifications to help you act the way great managers do and get results. RoadMap is based on years of research and learning about what great managers do.


Discover the rationale behind the recommended behaviors. Implement the behaviors more effectively because you know the 'why' through access to written documentation.


Track your progress through a few simple clicks per day on your mobile device. Monitor your managerial behavior over time to ensure you are communicating and guiding your team to get results.


Help your organization achieve greatness by using your online RoadMap portal to track team progress. Measure, through data, your organization's behavioral actions.

How To Get RoadMap


Already a Licensee? All Licensees get access to RoadMap at no additional charge. Download the app and look for RoadMap in the menu.

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Organization Licenses

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Welcome To RoadMap


To get started, get the Manager Tools app from the appropriate app store. Once the app is downloaded, you can login with your credentials for the website. Once your app is downloaded, you're ready to get started! Select Roadmap from the menu in the app. You'll be taken right to the first task.

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Getting Started

Completing Action Tasks

Entering Your Team Members

Choosing Times For Your O3's

Sending O3 Invites To Your Team Members

How To Report O3's

What Do You Do When You Or Your Directs Are Absent

Are You Ready For Feedback?

How To Report Feedback

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