What is it?

Our Effective Hiring Manager Conference, delivered virtually over Zoom. Will be delivered in two sessions, each 3.5 hours in length, over the course of two back-to-back days. Sessions will consist of both content as well as practice, and each attendee will be given access to our Interview Creation Tool and Onboarding Checklist for use with their future hires.

From Mark Horstman, Co-founder:

You will learn and practice the basics of how to be an effective interviewer. How to structure your interviews. How to create questions. How to determine what questions to ask. How to start the interview. How to ask questions. How to listen. How to take notes. How to probe. How to close. How to capture results. Interviewing is the most important strategic behavior managers engage in.

Investment: $900

Includes two, 3.5-hour sessions, delivered virtually over Zoom. Sessions will consist of both content and practice. Each attendee will be given access to our Interview Creation Tool and Onboarding Checklist for use with future hires.

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I am in awe of what your team produces. You inspire me to grow with nearly every bit of guidance. To put it in your language: When you use your experience and data to foresee organizational inefficiencies and challenges, I can apply your recommendations for higher performance of my team. Thank you.

      Read more...Cody Porter

I love interviewing, and I know a fair bit about it. This company is the only one to give clear and effective advice that I can use, practice and implement. Hands down the best company about management on the planet. Hands down, period.

      Read more...John Healey

I always come away learning a lot of useful skills which I can apply the next day.

      Read more...Marwan Rateb