What is it?

All of our detailed resume guidance in one place. You don't need someone else to create your resume. Just follow the guide. Did we say detailed? It's 70 pages long!

What's In It

Detailed Guidance

We wrote this to stem the tide of all the resume questions we get. It's 70 pages long. Every scenario is covered. (And if you still have questions, yes, we'll answer them, no charge).


Examples of headers. Examples of responsibilities. Examples of accomplishment bullets. Examples of unusual situations. Unusual chronologies. How to handle them all.


How to turn a multiple page resume into one page, in detail.

The Why of Doing It

Most resumes are crap. Too long, unfocused and misdirected. We tell you what recruiters and hiring managers expect to hear.

I have been meaning to add my support for one page resumes in Australia. During my last active search 3 years ago and most recently in my passive search, one page resumes work perfectly well in Australia. Mind you, conversions to interviews have been exclusively with large organisations. It works much better than my old 3 page one - pre 2010 which got me no interviews at all :(

Nolan Chow

First of all, thank you for the Resume Workbook! I found it to be just about perfect! I sent out three resumes and got three interviews. The first interview may result in an offer in the future for a much better position than the one I had applied for. The second resulted in an offer that I was very happy with. Credit also has to go to the interview series and Manager Tools as a whole. I regret that I cannot give you more effective feedback but my results speak for themselves. 100% successful, you can't do better than that!

Rhona Guckian