What Is It?

Everything you need to know and do to effectively start your first professional job. 13 podcasts cover the basic factors for success and pitfalls to avoid. 13 more shorter casts address common myths held by young professionals.

What's In It?

Critical First Steps

The initial trajectory of your career makes a difference. College or university doesn't teach you about your first job, it teaches the industry skills you might need. But there's more to a job than just skills (like relationships).

They're Not Going To Teach You

Most companies don't have broad job training for new hires. Orientation covers logistics and security but not getting ahead.

Trust Us, You're Wrong

We've added the myths casts because so many young people kept asking us about them. Consider the shorter casts to be an FAQ about your early career.

What's Covered in First Job Fundamentals?

Your podcasts were wonderful. Specific. Actionable. Just what I needed. I arrived armed with my moleskine notebook and good pen, armed to take notes, make an impression, and be the best educator I can be. The follow-up e-mails were also very helpful.

Karen Rodriguez Kruzel

The Guidance covers...

  • Results and Relationships
  • Learn Your Way Around
  • Your Commute
  • The Importance of Administration
  • Security
  • Personal Organization
  • Company Technology
  • Professional Communication
  • The Right Attitude
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Stay Informed
  • Not All The Rules Apply to You
  • Scheduling Your First Week
  • Plus 24 short casts blowing away the myths you've heard.