Why do your colleagues act so differently? Why is Derek always interrupting, and why is India constantly schmoozing and texting? Why is Sarah regularly consoling someone, while Claire is reviewing details that no one notices? What if you knew how to communicate differently with India versus Claire, and work better with anyone?

What's Included


For each combination of DISC profile and boss/direct, there's a 3-hour podcast and 20-page shownotes, giving you the detail of how they approach communication, reporting, deadlines, email, projects, the Manager Tools Trinity™, and more. For every situation, we tell you exactly what to do.

There are 32 casts representing each of the relationships between you and your boss and you and your direct based on your DISC profiles. You can buy the one cast you need if you want help just dealing with your boss or one particular direct. You can buy four, if you want help dealing with all your directs, or you have a mix of bosses – this will be particularly useful if you’re in a matrix. You can buy 8 if you’re stuck in the middle and need help with your directs AND your bosses. You can buy all 32 casts if you’d like the complete library.

However many casts you purchase, you'll also get three introductory casts (including shownotes) to make sure you understand and can use DISC well.

“I Don't Know My/Someone's DISC”

  1. Listen to this cast (Overly simplified).
  2. Take the DISC Profile.
  3. Attend our Effective Communicator Conference.

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How to Purchase

Select the combination based on your DISC profile from the dropdowns below. The table will highlight the casts you will get with that purchase. Once you've got all you need, click "buy now".

(If you have dual tendencies (eg D/I), purchase one of the sets you need and then email us at [email protected] with your full DISC profile, and we'll make sure you get the casts you need).