How to create questions. How to ask them. How to listen. How to probe. How to evaluate. All in one day.

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Hiring is the most important thing effective managers do. Most training focuses on the questions, not the answers. Probing and evaluating answers is the heart of all great interviewing.


Practice asking questions. Practice listening. Practice evaluating answers. Practice creating probes.


One day. 8-3:30 at your location. No more than 30 participants. (This day is highly interactive).


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Ground Rules
8:15 Introductions
8:45 Prepare To Interview
9:45 Break
9:55 How To Create And Ask Questions
10:30 Break
10:40 How To Ask Questions Practice
11:00 How To Listen To An Answer
11:30 How To Listen Practice
12:15 Lunch/How To Finish/Evaluate
1:30 How To Probe
2:30 Break
2:40 How To Probe Practice
3:15 Parking Lot
3:30 Close