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From Mark Horstman, Co-founder:

You will learn and practice the basics of how to be an effective interviewer. How to structure your interviews. How to create questions. How to determine what questions to ask. How to start the interview. How to ask questions. How to listen. How to take notes. How to probe. How to close. How to capture results. Interviewing is the most important strategic behavior managers engage in.

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Investment: $1100*

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8:00 Welcome & Purpose - We welcome the group and state our purpose: learning and practicing Effective Hiring Manager Behaviors.
8:05 Agenda & Groundrules - Review agenda, and interactively agree on the day's ground rules.
8:15 Introductions - All attendees will prepare and a present a 30-second introduction.
8:45 Effective Hiring Principles & Process - Review the purpose and process of an interview.
9:30 Break
9:40 Creating/Asking Interview Questions - How to create and ask behavioral interview questions.
10:00 Creating/Asking Questions Practice - Practice creating and asking behavioral interview questions.
10:30 Break
10:40 Screening Candidate Documents - How to screen candidates documents and social media.
11:00 Screening By Phone - How to screen candidates over the phone.
11:30 Interviewing Candidates In Person - How to structure a day of final, face to face interviews.
12:30 Lunch
1:15 How To Listen & Practice - How to maximize the core of an interview - listening to candidate’s answers. Practice listening to interview answers, taking notes, and recalling key points.
2:15 Break
2:25 How To Probe & Practice - How to ask targeted questions during a candidate's response to draw out specific behavioral details. Practice listening to actual responses to interview questions, while probing for more specific behavioral details.
3:30 Break
3:40 Interview Results Capture - How to finish an interview, and capture interview results from all interviewers at the end of the day.
4:10 How To Offer/Decline/Delay - How to make a job offer, delay and decline candidates.
4:20 How To Onboard - How to onboard your new hires to set them up for success in the role.
4:50 Parking Lot - An opportunity to ask any final questions you might have that have not been covered in the day's agenda.
5:00 Close