Virtual delivery of our Effective Hiring guidance. Prepare your team to interview by learning the process from start to finish. How to screen candidates. How to structure the interviewing day. How to create and ask questions. How to listen and take notes. How to probe and evaluate. We will help you create a cohesive organizational process.


Zoom sessions for up to 30 attendees with live presentation. Questions and interaction throughout. Practice similar to our in person training. Video recording of Zoom the session will be available to those who miss a session.


2 separate 3 1/2 hour sessions, scheduled on different days and closely together. We will work with your schedule.

Post Training Support

Each attendee will be afforded access to our Interview Creation Tool and Onboarding Checklist. The ICT helps managers create tailored interviews with behavioral questions. The Manger Tools® Onboarding Checklist ensures new hires are informed, communicated to and ready to deliver 100% value in the first 180 days.


Hiring is the most important strategic thing effective managers do. We will prepare your team to interview for success now and in the future. Hire candidates that raise the bar and contribute to future of the your organization.