Our guidance on having a notebook and pen with you at all times, and what to do with it.

Years ago, Wendii was responsible for the 'work experience boy'. In the UK, 14/15/16 year olds spend a week or two weeks in whatever employment they can find, called work experience. Usually, they have a parent or a parent's friend in the organization they end up at. This teenage boy came into the office on his first day, and Wendii gave him a notepad and pen, showed him where he was going to sit and so on. Then it came time to start describing the work he was going to do. His first question? "Do I need to write this down?".

He was 14 or 15. He can be forgiven not knowing that he should have a pen and notepad with him. He can be forgiven not knowing when to start writing - since in school, he would have been told: "write this down". However, if you're permanently in the workforce, your exemption is gone. So, what kind of notebook and pen, and when to use it?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Do I have to take notes on paper?
  • What notebook should I choose?
  • What pen should I choose?

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