I have been receiving these e-mails nearly every day since I attend the course in Sydney and to tell you the truth I really enjoy reading them. Being in Australia I get these e-mails first thing in the morning and it is good to start the day with some words of wisdom. I was new to this system and since I have had some insight into what the other half of the people in the world are thinking, I don't get so frustrated when they cannot see what is obvious to me. I am a high "D", my boss is an extremely high "S". Before this course in Sydney I was not getting on with my boss and we were losing time and money through what appeared to be stubbornness, however now I know it wasn't stubbornness and we are getting on great. Job Done! One more thing I would like to say is that in my short 15 year career of managing men I have been quoted many times saying, "If you put 20 random men in a room and let them mingle, they will naturally divide into those who will get the job done and those who will tell you why the job can't be done". In the past I have always surrounded myself with the people who get the job done, and now I am not in that situation I was struggling. Now I know it is not as simple as my original explanation, although it is a simple as "D" and "S" with some "C" and "I" sprayed around the fringes.

Chris Barnes