Soooooo. I never finished my background investigation when I started here (they were in between contract negotiations with diff. companies). HR came to me with BG invest paperwork today (I guess they finally decided who got the contract) and I can't help but feel some ethical requirement to inform them that I plan on leaving soon... These investigations aren't cheap and I'd feel like a real you-know-what for not telling them, having them pay, and then informing them after... What should I do?



p.s. I am leaving to become a work from home dad so I'm not as worried about reference building as much as just doing the right thing

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 I would let them run their background check, just as you have the right to leave. I'm just thinking of healthy boundaries (from the book Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend) that you are not responsible for them just as they are not responsible for you. I would let them run their background check, because it is likely some mass big thing, and then you do your thing that you need to do. On the other hand, the risk of telling them early, I think is too much. Congratulations.

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 Great point! I guess, when you figure it would have been done a year ago, it's kinda like it has already been spent . . . 

As long as I can walk away feeling like I didn't violate any ethical boundaries. 

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I would also allow them to run the reference check for a couple reasons.  First, you don't want to give the appearance that you are hiding anything by announcing you plan to resign after they say there will be the background check.  Second, I wouldn't let them know that you are planning on leaving for the same reasons stated in several other posts.  The first thing your employer should know about the change of jobs is when you submit your resignation.  

I think your heart is in the right place and you are trying to be a good employee and they have decided this is part of the cost of them doing business.  

Good luck!


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If you know you're going to leave, I think it's more ethical to tell them.  But how long have you been there?  Can't be long... and so the issue isn't saving them money so much as it is leaving too soon.  I just can't tell from your post.