It's getting that time of year again for much of the world, when you're going to be invited to holiday parties. Many of you will choose not to go, because you don't love your co-workers, or because you get enough of them at work. Both of these are normal feelings, but the resultant decision just proves that there are good reasons for doing dumb things all the time. (You really must go).

We have observed so much behavior at these parties - whether hosted by the boss at her home, or by the company, or by a friend at the firm - that we've learned that folks apparently don't seem to know what the rules are.

And, careers often come down to small factors, two of the most powerful of which are manners and social graces. So often at work, those are not in evidence, so executives at your firm DO pay attention when they have a chance to see them on display... or, ... not... on display.

Herewith, then, some guidance about handling yourself (and your career) with grace and dignity during the holiday party circuit.

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  • How much can I drink at a company party?
  • How should I behave at a company party?
  • Do I have to go to the company party?

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