Finally we tackle a topic that we're surprised no one asks about: How does one receive feedback? We know how to deliver it (even if far too many of us shy away from it all too often). But that's only half the battle. One of the things many managers realize is that once you start giving feedback, you're going to start receiving it as well.

Sometimes it's well intentioned - your directs realize that you really mean it, and they're willing to give you feedback. And yes, sometimes it's intended to be a riposte from a nervous or insecure subordinate. But what's great about receiving feedback effectively is that it sets a powerful example.

And we guarantee you the most effective way to receive feedback will surprise you.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do if my direct gives me feedback?
  • What should I say to someone who gives me feedback?
  • Does it matter if feedback is given badly?

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