In this cast, we START to describe how to respond to feedback AFTER you've received it, specifically: FEEDBACK NOT IN THE MODEL.

For our classic April Fools cast, we talked about how to receive feedback, but only partly. We discussed the Physical, Facial and Verbal responses to someone asking, "May I give you some feedback?"

But obviously, you're going to get a lot of inputs regarding your performance. Some of it WILL come in the form of the feedback model, and in an upcoming cast, we'll talk about how to continue your response under those conditions.

But, not all of it will come in the form of the feedback model. What do you do when someone gives you input on your behavior? What's the right way to respond to praise? What's an effective way to talk about what you could have done better?

We'd bet you're getting the praise part wrong, anyway. ;-)

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do if my direct gives me feedback?
  • What should I say to someone who gives me feedback?
  • Does it matter if feedback is given badly?

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