This cast describes how to begin any effort to change an organization.

At some point, each of us as managers are either going to initiate a change, or have to manage our part of a larger change process. It's usually hard work, and if it's someone else's change process, we get the "squeeze": our directs expect us to know stuff which no one is telling us.

There's a better way. Manager Tools does work with corporate clients, and when we help with a change effort, we run a change playbook. The first step in any change effort is to create an EMOTIONAL appeal to those who will be involved in the change. And that is NEVER achieved with financially solid spreadsheets which show a clear cost-benefit win for the change.

Visual, emotional persuasion is the single biggest idea we have ever come across when it comes to change efforts. If you do this well, other stuff is much easier. If you don't, everything else is MUCH harder.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I create change management briefings?
  • How do I persuade people to change?
  • What preparation do I need to do before a change management effort?

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