This cast recommends reviewing our annual performance goals at midyear.

We've said many times that good management is boring, repetitive, unsexy, unpretty. Most of all, good management is NOT dramatic. Drama is for the movies, and they don't make movies about management, right?

Careers are different, though, right? What we all remember about our careers ARE the dramatic moments. The big promotions, the great new job offers, maybe even coming in at the last minute.

NO. Good career management is ALSO boring, repetitive, unsexy, and unpretty. The fact that we remember the drama is just proof that our memories are emotionally anchored. All those dramatic moments are just like Slam Dunk meeting successes. How do Slam Dunks happen? Long before, during the Pre-Wire.

And here's another of those preparatory steps that make for undramatic - and successful - careers: reviewing our annual goals midyear and making the necessary adjustments. It's SO simple, and takes but a few minutes.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I assess my achievements?
  • How do I find time for goal assessments?
  • How do I communicate my progress?

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