This cast recommends how to dress when giving presentations.

We've said it before: effective presentations are an opportunity to enhance one's career. We've seen friends of ours careers go up and down based on how one or a series of talks or speeches or just staff meeting slide decks go.

Since they seem to be an unheralded part of career success, Career Tools will return to this topic many times. And, those of you in small companies, or entrepreneurs, or public sector workers, or not for profits: all of this still applies. If you're having to make a client pitch, or asking for funds, or even just briefing your 2 person staff, doing well in presentations impresses others, and impressions make a difference in one's career.

The Career Tools Rule of Presentations is simple: Presentations are the internal career equivalent of INTERVIEWS. They're THAT important. Those of us who spend time developing our skills for them will out perform those that don't.

  1. WHY Presentations Matter
  2. Dress Up
  3. Keep it Simple
  4. Get a Haircut/Get Styled
  5. Empty Your Pockets
  6. Minimize Jewelry
  7. Highlight Your Arms

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I decide what to wear to a presentation?
  • Why is what I wear to a presentation important?
  • How can I stay comfortable during a presentation?

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