This cast describes Career Tools' recommendations for how to attend a meeting when your boss asks you to go in his/her place.

Your boss asks you to go to a meeting. What do you do? You sort of have three options. You can ask a million questions. Okay, you have two options. You can do what most directs do and go and then wait for the boss to ask for a debrief. Or, you can do a couple of simple things which take about five minutes, and impress the stuffing out of your boss. Here's how to do THAT.

  1. Before You Go, Ask Three Questions
    1. Am I Presenting and If So, How?
    2. Key Agenda Items
    3. Topics or Discussions To Watch Out For
  2. During the Meeting, Stay Quiet and Take GOOD Notes
  3. After the Meeting, Report Efficiently
    1. Capture And Send Your Notes From Where The Meeting Was
    2. Do NOT Send Minutes
    3. Think About Your Boss's Receiving Style
    4. Include Attendees and Non-Attendees
    5. Highlight Deliverables

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I do before I attend a meeting for my boss?
  • What should I do during a meeting I attend for my boss?
  • What should I do after I attend a meeting for my boss?

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