This cast addresses a behavioral change for an insidious practice of High S Managers: overprotecting your team.

All bosses have weaknesses. In our first in the series, we said the error that so many High C bosses make is being so perfectionist that no idea is ever good enough. When someone else suggests something, they immediately "try to add too much value" as Marshall Goldsmith says, by pointing out something that isn't as perfect as it could be, and other ways the idea could be made better. We said that High I's tend to start a lot of stuff, but then not finish well.

And for High S's . . . we see you overprotecting your team, and we see you delaying decisions and change. We know that you struggle with asking too much of your team, and identifying with them so much that you hesitate when it's time to ask them to work really hard. We know you're less comfortable with the rapid change your peers might want, and so you delay decisions and actions, taking a "wait and see" approach. We understand you, we respect you, we're glad you're sensitive. And it's holding you and your team back.

Here's what to do.

  1. Stop Overprotecting: Be Willing To Delegate
  2. Stop Overprotecting: Don't Accept Reverse Delegation - Your Favorite Letter
  3. Stop Waiting: Remember the One Third/Two Thirds Rule

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How can I be a better manager as a High S?
  • How do I stop protecting my directs?
  • How do I work more quickly as a High I?

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