This guidance recommends how to manage one of your directs who wanted the job you're in now, and you may have reason to believe that they will hold it against you.

You got the promotion, but someone who didn't get it and wanted it now reports to you. They applied, too. They may have interviewed, too. But they didn't get the job. You did. Clearly, they think they can DO the job. It's perhaps worse that they can say, if you've come from somewhere else, that they know more than you do about the team's operations. You've heard they're not happy about it. How should you handle them? How might you treat them differently? What can you do to help them become effective? Some people say it's even WORSE if you were their peer. We don't agree...we just think that more people feel more pressure when that's the case...but doing this successfully isn't any "harder" in that situation.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I manage a former peer?
  • How do I deal with someone who doesn't want to work for me?
  • I just got promoted. What now?

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