This guidance describes the right way to conduct One on Ones with your contract employees.

We always recommend One on Ones for directs. Always. But, in most organizations there are plenty of not crystal clear relationships. There are project managers, and other managers we do admin stuff with, but maybe we never see them.

It makes it messy. We define your directs as those folks who would think of you as their primary boss, OR that you would write the end of year review for, and be the primary person discussing pay with.

The issue with all of these concepts is that we often have to create things to look at to help us decide, but things like reviews and pay are really PROXIES. What really matters - even though it can be confusing at times, is: whom do you supervise whose work makes a significant difference in your ability to deliver the results that the organization needs?

Which opens the door for contract employees. You supervise their work, and they do make a significant difference in your outcome. Can you, and if you can, HOW do you have Contract One on Ones? And, are there laws to consider?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can I do One on Ones with contractors?
  • What has to be different about One on Ones with contractors?
  • What if HR/Legal say I can't?

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