Part 4 of the example of our Effective Relationships Series - How to work with a direct who is a High C, if you are a High D.

This cast is the fourth of four casts on High D Bosses working with a High C direct. And this series is just ONE of the 32 casts in our Effective Relationship series. For each combination of DISC profile and boss/direct, there's a 3-hour podcast and 20-page shownotes, giving you the detail of how they approach communication, reporting, deadlines, email, projects, the MT Trinity, and more. For every situation, we tell you exactly what to do. More details on the Effective Relationships and how to purchase it can be found here.

And this one is free ... enjoy!

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What are a High C's tendencies and desires?
  • What does a High C want from her manager?
  • What doesn't a High C want from his manager?
  • How does a High C like to be recognized?
  • How does a High C communicate with others?
  • And MANY more ...

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