This cast describes how to coach one of our directs on how to run our staff meeting which we have delegated to them.

In a recent cast, we combined succession planning, meeting management, and delegation. We suggested that rather than seeing performance development, delegation, meeting management and succession planning as separate burdens we had, we recommended combining them all. Delegating responsibilities IS part of succession planning. Meeting management is a necessary managerial skill. Challenging our directs to do more IS performance development.

But what if we want to delegate our staff meeting to someone who has solid potential for growth, but who doesn't know how to manage? We delegate anyway, and we coach them on running meetings. Here's how.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I get my directs to manage my meetings?
  • How do I teach my directs how to manage meetings?
  • How do I plan my direct's improvements?

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