This cast describes a standard practice of administrative assistants helping managers prepare for business travel.

Mike and Mark both feel that one of our most unsung casts (actually, it's a series of casts) are the ones on working with an administrative assistant. If you have an admin, it's likely that you're seriously under-utilizing him or her. Great admins, well managed, improve the performance of the executive or manager they support by 50% in all cases, and ... get this ... 100% in MANY cases. Good admins honestly make that much difference. We're not kidding.

In our original set of casts, we talked about really just the beginnings of how to have a great relationship with our admins, leading to our effectiveness. There are hundreds of actions that admins take that add up to noteworthy efficiency gains, many of which ANYONE with an admin can use right away. And this cast is about one of those: creating trip folders to make traveling administratively less burdensome.

  1. What a Trip Folder IS
  2. How To Implement Them Initially
  3. What They Contain
  4. How To Action Them
  5. Two Admin Trends Worth Noting
    1. Less Admins
    2. Less Training

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is a trip folder?
  • What should my admin include in a trip folder?
  • How do I action a trip folder?

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