This guidance describes some simple things your admin can do to help you manage your calendar.

We've spent a great deal of time recently working with executives. That means working on calendars. Calendar management - the merging of priorities and one's limited time - is one of the hallmarks of an effective executive. What that usually means for us working with someone is that there's a problem between what the priorities are and what actually gets done.

But there are a lot of ways a priority may end up on the cutting room floor. Maybe it really oughtn't be a priority. Maybe it never makes it to the calendar. Maybe it makes it but never get actioned. And, as we've been noticing recently, maybe the executive's admin isn't helping as much as he could be.

Here are some simple, fast tips to help you make sure your admin is doing all she can to make you an effective executive when it comes to changes on your calendar. They happen a LOT. No, it's not the whole story, but there are many more casts in this vein in our future.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How can I work more effectively with my admin?
  • Do I need to talk to my admin every day?
  • Do I need to approve every change my admin makes?

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