This cast recommends building relationships internally at your organization when you attend training events.

We're always getting asked about how to grow one's professional network, as busy as everyone is. It's a great question, because we do know how busy everyone is. The answer is really pretty simple - we've got to start combining the growth and strengthening of our networks with other activities we engage in. We get the sense that everyone thinks that somehow that we're supposed to work, and then separately go to some "networking event" where our networks will all get together and build themselves. It's certainly true that the fact that there are such things that bill themselves as "networking events" - often sponsored by chambers of commerce - makes it easy to think that that's how networks are built. That's probably most true for those of us who don't go to them! And just for the record - we hate the darn things, and wish they'd go away. We went to one . . . it was creepy.

But anyway, here's a simple way to add to your network building tools:

  1. The Busy Networker's Principle: Build Your Network By Introducing Yourself
  2. At Company Training, Meet 3 Associates
  3. Follow Up and Stay in Touch
  4. The Mother Ship Rule: Meet 5 Associates

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How can I use a training session to meet new people?
  • How can I extend my internal network?
  • What do I say when I meet new people?

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