This cast describes a more effective way to set standards for getting one of your directs promoted.

Not everyone wants to get promoted. That's fine, not everyone can. It's not just that there aren't enough slots - the pyramid gets narrower at the top. It's also that some folks have reached the reasonable extent of their desire and abilities. You might expect Manager Tools to say that the direct who wants to get promoted but can't is the biggest development or career tragedy in organizations today. But that one comes in second.

The biggest tragedy is managers who won't get them ready to be promoted. It's our job as managers to develop our folks. When someone has the ability and desire, we fail the organization (not just the direct) when we don't do what we can to help them achieve what they want. Lest you think we want this to be all about the direct, think again: a direct capable of and willing to do more? Here inside our company, where internal salary compression makes them cheaper, their knowledge makes them smarter, and their network gives them monetizable goodwill? The manager who doesn't cultivate this candidate reminds us of the old joke about sailing: if you want to see what it's like, stand fully clothed in a cold shower and tear up $20 bills. Managers who don't get those who are able ready to be promoted might as well tear up thousand dollar bills.

Here's how to think about starting to get your directs ready so that when there is an opening, they will have already won it.

  1. The Manager Tools Promotion Standard: 150% of Their Existing Job
    1. 100% of Their Job - Top Performance
    2. 50% of Your Job - Grow-ability
  2. Here's How:
    1. Delegate
    2. Look For Visibility
    3. Coach on The 50%
    4. Consider Reassigning Responsibilities
  3. This is a VERY High Standard - Few Meet It

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I get my directs ready for promotion?
  • When should I promote my directs?
  • How do I make promoted directs successful?

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