Part 1 of our guidance on why one to one interviews aren't as risky as so many fear.

Panels and interviews with 2 interviewers are sometimes argued for as a "safer" alternative than a series of 1-to-1 interviews. Somehow it's unsafe for someone to interview someone else by themselves. Somehow we all need a nanny, a minder. There's the fear that the interviewee will be able to make a claim that the interviewer engaged in some sort of nefarious, illicit, unprofessional, or illegal behavior.


This podcast is adapted from a portion of a chapter of Mark Horstman's new book, The Effective Hiring Manager, due out in 2019.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Should I do one to one interviews?
  • Do I need to have someone else in the room when I interview?
  • What are the risks of one to one interviews?

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