Part 1 of our guidance on working with an administrative assistant, updated for remote, hybrid, and shared assistants.

One of the lost arts of the corporate world is how to work with an administrative assistant. This is due to several factors which we'll cover here. The development of software which has automated more administrative tasks, the move toward hybrid and fully remote workforces, and the fact that many managers who HAVE administrative assistants often massively underutilize them, has resulted in many of these valuable positions being cut.

Organizations have in many cases determined that these underutilized positions were an opportunity to save costs and who could blame them. In some cases they've gotten rid of these positions altogether and in others have decreased the amount of administrative professionals and are having a single admin support groups of executives.

Of the executives who are assigned admins, our experience is that very few know how to use them well. There are many ways that the FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY an admin offers are squandered. But in virtually all cases, the fundamental failure of managers who execute this responsibility is that they fail to delegate enough to the admin.

In this series of casts on how to effectively use administrative assistants we will help you do things right when you get to the point where (if you're lucky) you're assigned an admin. Or, if you have an admin now, these casts will help you re-invent the relationship, making it what you always thought it should be.

After you've listened, you'll want your admin to hear it.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I work well with an executive assistant?
  • What if I share my exeutive assistant?
  • How can I work with a remote assistant?

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