Our Hall Of Fame guidance giving examples of Manager Tools' ‘MT Goals': Goals that are Measurable and Time-Based.

Our MT Goals 3-part cast generated a great deal of enthusiasm. A lot of managers are thinking right now about what their goals are or will be for this calendar year. And, a lot of managers struggle with the dreaded "SMART" goal standard, which hopefully we successfully put paid to in the previous casts.

MT Goals are much more clear, and frankly just plain EASIER than "SMART" goals. Managers spend too much time making bad goals into ones that pass a misguided test, while other managers are told that goals that are impressive and well-targeted aren't of the right format. It's silly and terribly counterproductive.

But after our last three casts, some managers have asked for examples. If you need help turning your goals into MT goals, this is the cast for you.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What kind of goals should I set as a manager?
  • How do I assess the goals I set?
  • What kind of measures should I use?

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