Dear Mark/Mike
this is Salem from Kuwait as I told you I start the 101 and just finished the 2 meeting and today when I call them one of the manager that working under me told me, do we need to meet 10 time's in week ... I was angry but I hide it and I told him as I told you it is a week meeting and our previous meeting was last Sunday and he told me and today is Saturday and I replay to him that I want it to be for tomorrow and he said that on tomorrow he is not free and he want it to be today evening
I know that I need to give him a feed back but can you help me with it …
By the way he will leave the company on August
Best regards,

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Interesting situation salem. Is there a reason your 1o1 are done on Sunday? I am probably missing a cultural difference here. In the US we work from Monday - Friday. As Mark & Mike have said in previous casts, it is not a good idea to have meeetings on Moday (the start of our week). I think this may be a Drucker-ism too. And having them on the weekends (except for the restaurant biz :wink: ) is not a good idea either. Give us a little more insight as to why you chose the days you did for you 1o1's.

Also, why is he leaving in August? If he is being ineffective and counter-cultural you should give him some feedback on how that behavior effects the rest of the team.


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Sorry our working day's is from sat. to thru. and our holiday is Friday
So I keep sat. Morning off the 1o1's meeting as you suggested and I start from sat. Afternoon

and he is leaving because he was working for us for 12 yrs and he have some health problem

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When did you first tell them you were going to do 1o1's? Did you make sure they understood it was a weekly meeting? It may just be that the day you had your meeting was good last week but not this week. Ask him what day and time would be good for him every week and make him commit to it.

If he continues to resist, give him some feedback as I mentioned before.