I am a bootstraps kind manager. No formal education, but I've been blessed to have a number of great mentors who have guided my development. Yet I must say that your podcasts have been the one resource that has given me the greatest boost. They talk about all of the things that no one has been able to tell me to do. I'm not certain if they realize they should be doing them.

One on one's with my directs have been the best thing yet.
The job description I've written will be used to fuel my review process and I think I'll probably be the most prepared Director in my department. The reviews of my direct reports will be done far in advance and I'm sure my supervisor will be blown away when I send them five minutes after he sends out the email asking for them.

My supervisor seems to be a HI C. I mean really HI C! Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to deal with him? Its impossible to give him what he wants. No sooner than you give it to him, he changes the requirements and asks for it all over again.

One last thing. When will the premium memberships become available?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Glad you've joined us, and glad we're helping. Thanks for the kind words.

Premium memberships will be out shortly, promise.

And, regarding that High C... just keep your head down and do your best.