Hi Everyone


I am new to this great resource but I need some advice on what to cover in my annual review.

I was employed a year ago with my company as Helpdesk Manager, leading a team of 1 support and 3 developers, my tasks were to make the helpdesk a revenue point, with an average weekly revenue target which I have exceeded by 50%, and also to rebuild the team from the disastrous manager previously in the roll.

I must have done something right as I was recently promoted to software development manager, managing 9 directs and I also manage the client relationships now as well, so I do a lot of traveling. I am also now tasked with setting up an offshore development office in Sri Lanka which will be another 3 directs for me to manage.

I’ve only just found this resource so I am now in the process of implementing O3’s and structured staff meetings etc.. and I am listening to pod casts 4 to 5 hours a day (my commute to and from work)

I need advice as to how to approach my annual review that is due in the next few weeks, I have listened to the POD cast on Preparing for your review, but my role changed recently. I didn’t get a pay rise at the time as they are considered annually in the review so what should I go with into this meeting, and how do i approach the cash question?

Any guidance will be appreciated.