I've been a for about ten years now. I started out with a small company belonging to my friend we had a very sucessful business relationship based I think in large part to our ability to communicate with each other openly. However, it is time for me to find a new job. I am leaving my friend with great experience and reccomendations. But I was wondering what can I really expext to earn out there. Times are tough with the economy the way it is. I googled salaries and project manager jobs and found a site where people anonymously state what they earn. I was wondering what everyone else is making out there now? I am by no means a beginner, I understand how to take a project from inception to completion on a deadline, but frankly I want to be earning more than I was, I am curious to hear feedback, if you are comfortable sharing what you earn.

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Sorry D ..there are just too many variables... location, field, scope of projects, industry etc.  I think you have to stick with the websites that give you salary comparisons.