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I just got back last night from Chicago. First, a BIG thanks to Mark, Mike, Rich, Michael and Kate. They were simply terrific and treat each one of us like kings and queens.

The conference met and exceeded my expectations. I have NEVER been to a meeting quite like that. The MT staff worked their tails off, especially Mark. I got plenty out of it and I hope that I have the skills and the will to put it to good use.

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I couldn't agree more. The conference flew by, and it was great to get to hear Mark & Mike in person and get some Q&A time with them.

There is no doubt it was a great investment of my time.

Thanks again!


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All I can say is WOW. We all drank from a firehose, and I am still thirsty!

I was simultaneously encouraged, challenged, realigned, and deeply impacted. As I told M&M, they were the two best days of my professional career.

For those of you who are passionate about being good managers and have spent some time on this site - go to a conference because it all really comes together and the interaction with other people JUST LIKE YOU is the best.

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[b]Can I give you some Feedback?[/b] (Let's assume "yes")

[b]When you[/b] give me an excellent conference as you did, [b]my[/b] manager's skills get better.

[b]Thank you so much[/b]


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Mark, Mike, Michael, Rich and Kate: thank you for such an amazing experience! Your effort made these two days extremely valuable for all the attendees! Mike and Mark: your energy is amazing and very inspiring; you are really passionate about everything you are doing. I have no doubt that everything I learned at this conference will have a huge impact on my managerial efficiency in the months to come!

It was a real privilege to meet everyone and interact with you during these two days!

See you in a few months in San Antonio!


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Amen dudes. What a great way to sum that gathering up. My personal favorite moment was when Mark gave the camera man feedback. When I see someone treating the staff like that I KNOW they practice what they preach.